Sexual Assault

Pursuant to LSA R.S. 13:5713 F as amended by Act 229 of the 2015 Louisiana Legislature, the coroner or his designee shall examine all alleged victims of a sexually-oriented criminal offense.  The coroner may select the hospital or healthcare provider named as the lead entity for sexual assault examinations in the regional plan required by R.S.40:1216.1 as his designee to perform the forensic medical examination.


Birth to 17 years
Child sexual abuse cases, from birth to 17 years of age, male or femle, are seen at Children's Hospital's Care Center and are examined by pediatric physicians trained in forensic evaluation.

Women 18 & older
Women adult sexual assault victims 18 and older are seen at Tulane-Lakeside Hospital by OBGYN doctors from Tulane-Lakeside Hospital that are on call 24 hours a day.

Men 18 & older
Men adult sexual assault victims 18 and older are examined at University Hospital, now called the Interim LSU Public Hospital.

The results of all exams, children and adult, are not only for the immediate medical response need, but provide the Sherriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office with evidence for the prosecution of suspected offenders.
The Sexual Assault Services division also offers community education for middle and high school age students.  If interested in setting up a talk or need additional information about our office, please refer to the Community Outreach page to request a JPCO workshop at your school or place of business.

Adult Rape Advocate Program for Women

The JPCO through grants has implemented an adult rape advocate program for women. The advocates are on call 24 hours a day. When an adult female rape occurs in Jefferson Parish that is being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office, an advocate is called to Tulane-Lakeside Hospital. Once the victim arrives, the advocate will explain the procedures that will be taking place. Sexual assault victims may be experiencing anxiety and/or traumatic turmoil. The advocate is there as a neutral supporter to assist with this traumatic occurrence. The alleged victim will be given a resource packet containing information and contacts to help her through the post trauma period.