Pursuant to LSA R.S. 13:5713 F as amended by Act 229 of the 2015 Louisiana Legislature, the coroner or his designee shall examine all alleged victims of a sexually-oriented criminal offense.  The coroner may select the hospital or healthcare provider named as the lead entity for sexual assault examinations in the regional plan required by R.S.40:1216.1 as his designee to perform the forensic medical examination.

Sexual assault is an all too common occurrence that affects both victims and their support systems. The Coroner has designated Lakeside Hospital  and Ochsner Main Campus as the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program, specifically dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive care to all people 15 years and older, regardless of gender, location of the crime, where they live or if there is police involvement.  The JPCO, Lakeside Hospital and Ochsner Main Campus offer a dedicated, safe suite where these specially trained nurses use the latest technology to treat victims of sexual assault in a private confidential setting.  The SANE provides one on one confidential expert care.  This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  No appointment is necessary.  For those non-English speaking, translation services are available. For those who are 17 years and younger, the Coroner has dedicated the JPCO Sexual Assault / Abuse Medical Team located at the Jefferson Children's Advocacy Center to schedule a forensic medical evaluation.  The patients are examined by a child abuse pediatrician trained in forensic medicine.

Sexual Assault Exam/Forensic Medical Evaluation Program Locations

Adults (18 y/o and older) & Adolescents (15 - 17 y/o)
If you are assaulted within 120 hours or 5 days

Lakeside Hospital (4700 South I-10 Service Road W, Metairie, LA 70001)
Ochsner Main Emergency Department (1514 Jefferson Hwy, Jefferson, LA 70121)

Pediatric (14 y/o and under)
If you are assaulted within 72 hours (3 days)

Jefferson Children's Advocacy Center * (128 Wright Ave, Terrytown, LA 70056) *During business hours
Children's Hospital Emergency Room (200 Henry Clay Avenue, NOLA 70118)

Pediatric (14y/o and under) & Adolescents (15-17 y/o)
If more than 72 hours (3 days) since assault

Jefferson Children's Advocacy Center (128 Wright Ave, Terrytown, LA 70056) 
For ALL cases that exceed the time frames listed above, especially those victims 17 years of age and younger, you may still present for a forensic evaluation, medical treatment and for community resources.

What to do if You Are the Victim of a Sexually Oriented Crime

What should I do immediately?
  • Get to a place where you feel safe
  • Preserve evidence, try not to:
    • Take a shower, bathe or clean anything that might be evidence
    • Brush, floss or use mouthwash
    • Use the bathroom
    • Eat or drink anything
    • Change clothes
What are my options?
Go to the nearest Emergency Room or call 911 if you would like police involvement.

What is a sexual assault?
A sexual assault is any type of unwanted sexual contact.  It can happen to anyone.  A person who is sexually assaulted is never to blame.  The perpetrator of these crimes can be someone you know or a stranger.

What will happen at the hospital?
After you have been checked into the emergency room (ER), a SANE nurse and medical advocate will be called while the ER Physician evaluates you for any life-threatening illnesses and injuries.
The SANE nurse and medical advocate will:
  • Offer you information about your legal and medical options
  • Obtain and document your medical history
  • Collect and document evidence of a crime
  • Collaborate with hospital staff to ensure you are provided with medications to prevent pregnancy and many sexually transmitted diseases
  • Evaluate you for injuries and illnesses
  • Offer you a change of clothing and other comfort items
  • Provide referrals for follow-up care, including counseling and medical treatment
Do I have to report to police?
You do not have to report the incident to police unless we are required by mandatory reporting laws, which only include victims under 18 years of age or disabled/elderly adults.  If you are unsure about reporting, we suggest you have an unreported kit collected and receive medical treatment.  An unreported kit will be labeled with a confidential code and can be held for up to one year.

Do I have to pay for a SANE exam?
No.  You will not be charged for any part of your SANE exam, including co-pays or deductibles.  Submitting the visit to your insurance company is optional for private payers.  There are also financial resources available for follow-up medical expenses through a confidential Crime Victim Reparations Program.  Your SANE nurse or medical advocate will provide additional information.
The results of all exams, children and adult, are not only for the immediate medical response need, but to provide the Sherriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office with evidence for the prosecution of suspected offenders.
The Sexual Assault Services division also offers community education for middle and high school age students.  If interested in setting up a talk or need additional information about our office, please refer to the Community Outreach page to request a JPCO workshop at your school or place of business.

Medical Advocacy Program for Juveniles and Adults
The JPCO also offers a juvenile and adult sexual assault medical advocacy program. The advocates are on call 24 hours a day. When a victim reports to one of the designated hospitals and the event occurs in Jefferson Parish, an advocate is notified. Once the victim arrives, the advocate will explain the procedures that will be taking place. Sexual assault victims and/or their caregivers may be experiencing anxiety and/or traumatic turmoil. The advocate is there as a neutral supporter to assist with this traumatic occurrence. The alleged victim will be given a resource packet containing information and contacts to help them through the post trauma period.