The Jefferson Parish Coroner's Office provides technologically advanced methods for death investigation, toxicology screening, sexual assault services and mental health services to Jefferson Parish and the surrounding communities.

Cases which require a Coroner's investigation are:
  • Sudden, unexpected death when in apparent good health.
  • Death of a person who is not under the recent care of a physician.
  • Any violent death (homicide, suicide, accident). Any death suspicious for violence.
  • Any unusual or unexplained death.
  National Association of Medical Examiners
The Coroner’s Office is an accredited office of the National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME).

NAME accredited offices represent the highest quality of death investigation systems. The citizens can be proud of the hard work, dedication, and leadership made by the Jefferson Parish Coroner’s Office.
The Jefferson Parish Coroner’s Office is the only accredited NAME facility in Louisiana and is 1 out of 79 offices in the United States and International offices.
The Office is also a proud member of the Louisiana State Coroners Association, Jefferson Parish Mental Health Task Force and the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce.

Jefferson Chamber of Commerce   Louisiana State Coroner's Association